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I believe that Taylor Hicks will win tonight. Honestly, I think he deserves it more than Kat. After tonight, no more Idol talk for about 7-8 months - I know Justin will be happy.


coolest surprise EVER!

Guess who got to visit Pixar Studios yesterday and got a sneak preview of Cars? No, not her... Not him, either... It was me, silly!

What a totally cool place Pixar is. I mean, I think it would be cool just to a receptionist there. My favorite part was the tour my dad's friend gave us. We got to see original artwork and story boards... Their super-cool employee kitchen/break area temporarily transformed into a diner setting in honor of the movie. The main atrium lobby has a cafeteria (complete w/ wood-fired pizza), sitting areas that have video games, foosball, ping pong and air hockey. The seats in the theater as SO comfortable and HUGE. I think all theaters should have them. And any place that has a giant Sully and Mike at their entrance is OK with me. I was so excited to be there. What cracks me up, is that I don't think my dad nor my mom understood how special it was to be invited. Anyway... That was my Sunday.


because Becci wanted me to...

Ok, so we're at the finale of American Idol next week. Back in March I circled the people I thought would make it to the end. I was totally wrong with Mandisa, however low and behold who is left? Kat and Taylor - both people I circled. Take that, Simon! I can call it, too! So, with the shocking elimination of Chris last week, it was down to Kat, Taylor and Elliot. I was hoping it would be Kat and Elliot, but that's not going to happen.

Anyway... I do not have a talent for certainty. Last year, I was certain that Bo would win it. I was wrong. This year, the numbers seem to favor Taylor, but it's hard to tell. I like them both. Honestly. I have been voting for Kat and Elliot, because I'm just plain tired of Southerners taking the win on Idol. It's time for a change. That being said, I think I would buy an album from any of the top 5. Does that make them all winners?


do I have to...

Turn 29? I don't wanna! Funny how years creep up you. Didn't I just turn 21? Who sped up the clock? I'm going to enjoy my last few days of 28. Any suggestions?


happy anniversary to honey

We spent our second anniversary in Disneyland. For those of you whom assume I must be tired of Disneyland - never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line! I never tire of the D-Land. I do, however, grow weary of rude guests, children wearing leashes or harnesses, insolent train conductors and men who think they should move to the front of the line just because they pay $1200 a night to stay there.

I know many former Disneyland employees would not agree with me, but if I didn't have to worry about pay, lived in the greater Anaheim area and did not have a family that I cared to see - I would love to work in Walt's wonderful place. No matter how many times I go, it's always magical for me.

I'm really excited about how these photos came out. We stayed to the very last minute in the park - just to get some good shots without hordes of people in them. Not bad for our little digital Casio Exilim - not bad, at all, I say.