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"Harold Rosas, rest in the arms of your Maker."

The Violent Burning has that as their MySpace quote. I found it after I received the news that Harold (who self-proclaimed one of his nicknames to be The Gopher) had passed away on July 27.

While Harold and I were never best-buds or really on a "I'll call you tomorrow" friends basis, I sincerely liked and admired him. I, like many others, was awe-struck by his tenacious spirit of boldness. The number of lives he touched by his evangelism surely gained him the loving words "well done, good and faithful servant" upon his entrance into heaven.

Harold is probably best known in the local Christian music scene. He was known for his knowledge of un-cheesy Christian music. While I didn't hold the same interest in music as he did, I always admired his passion. Plus, he was just so cool to talk to. His knowledge of scripture went deeper than most people in my circle. And he followed God’s calling to a Christ-filled life - outside of the Christian Bubble. He was in the thick of it – trying to save people that might be considered un-savable.

The last time I saw him was at Jackson and Janelle's potluck. He was working at Starbucks and informed me of the dreaded Maple Oat Scone nutrition facts - which prompted one of my more popular postings: Marla's Random Beans: maple topping could never be good for you

I don't know what to say about his passing that won't seem trite (to use Jackson's words). The news is still shocking and surreal. It will never cease to amaze me how God takes people home. Surely Harold's work here was done - and he was ONE BUSY SERVANT. In his lifetime of around 43 years (I am not sure of his age, he never looked nor acted it), Harold did more with his faith than a lot of much older and mature Christians. His wisdom and actions will live on in the many lives of those he touched.


sometimes i feel like this...

Study: 100 Percent Of Americans Lead Secret Lives

The Onion

Study: 100 Percent Of Americans Lead Secret Lives

BERKELEY, CA—A study released Monday by the University of California-Berkeley shows that 100 percent of Americans fail to disclose the full truth about what they think and do in private.

... okay, but not in the weird way that this article implies. Mostly by the life I lead in the summers and how much it is unlike my life during the rest of the year. I try to squeeze so much onto my many plates that I fear I might collapse. I have to learn to take things as they come and realize that some stuff is going to fall and splatter onto the floor. And sometimes it's cherry juice on white grout - impossible to clean.

Hope you're all doing well! I will post again, sometime, really, I will.