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coincidence? i think not!

It's a fact that on January 30....

In 1815 the United States Congress authorized the purchase of Thomas Jefferson's library as the nucleus of the Library of Congress.

In 1882 F.D.R. was born.

In 1933 Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany.

In 1948 Ghandi was assassinated.

I guess when you think about it, there is a 1 in 365 (sometimes 366) chance that any day has anything to do with another day. You wanted something random, Scott - there ya go!

So, my dear Blogdom, I have been MIA. I barely have time to browse through my favorite various kingdoms anymore. I am sad and I am going to go on a tour this week. Why have I been so busy? My business has picked up. However, there is no "Bean" business anymore. There is the Bean's business, though. Confused? So was I! I had the misfortune of naming myself the same thing that another company in Alexandria did. I received a delightful cease and desist letter from said company and am in the process of changing my name. Other than paying for some minor legal fees to repsond to the letter, I really have no hard feelings. I have decided to go with a non-ficticious name from here on out, just because I am too darn tired to go through a search to find out THAT name is also taken. So, I thought I did my homework before, but I obviously I didn't. For all you biz owners out there, it's a good idea to have a law firm do the leg work for you and get you all trade marked or service marked. It's a little expensive, but trust me, it's worth it.

In other bad news, I am not as original in my naming abilities as I thought. Yes, I was bummed, but it's not the end of the world and I really don't care anymore. You would think that I would be angry and annoyed. I really am not at all. I guess it helps that I am the one who's in the wrong and while I didn't know it at the time, it doesn't change the fact that I am the one who didn't do enough research on the forefront of my enterprise. Ok, I'm a little annoyed about having to change everything, but I'm not angry. I guess I have learned to roll with the punches.

Lesson Four of things I needed to learn about a business before I started it is complete. Someday I'll share the first three.


someone thinks I'm special

Maybe it's because I watch all that Firefly stuff with him. Maybe it's because I endure countless hours of Star Wars talk, trivia and theory. Maybe it's because he knows how hard I've been working lately. Maybe it's because I cook and clean for him. Maybe it's because of the good lovin', but whatever it is - I'm glad. My honey loves me. He brought home flowers last night. Not just any flowers, but lovely tulips (my favorite) and they're pink (also my favorite)! He did good. I'm so lucky.


ricky's famous!

I didn't know he had his own beauty enhancement sport drink!