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can you guess what these are?

Happy Halloweeen!

(Yes, it's BOO-BEES.)


the growth

Extreme poverty. The A.I.D.S. pandemic. The war in Iraq. Bratz: the movie. These are all things I should be worried about. The ginormous zit on my face? Not so much. However, destroying it and sheilding people from it's unsightliness has been my main goal for 2 whole days.

What's the deal with being 30 and getting a mammoth-sized growth on my face? I mean, isn't this supposed to be over? I don't know if I've ever had one this large before. It's embarassing. I feel like everyone is looking at it. I think people might be on the verge of calling me "Pimple" or "Pop It" or something like that. I guess I won't worry too much until my Starbucks comes back to me with "Zitty Zit" written on it.