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the day after and baby fever

Merry Day After Christmas, Everyone. DEEP BREATH. It's over. I can breathe, again. Sometimes the holidays feel like this mad dash to fit as much stuff in at one time as possible. Since December 1, one or both of us have gone to 3 company Christmas parties, 1 church Christmas Banquet, 2 vendor cocktail parties, 3 family Christmas parties, 1 two-day work-related planning retreat, 1 three-day trip to Nevada to visit the in-laws, endless trips to stores for that last thing we forgot about and have completed 5 of 6 gift exchanges. Is it me or is that just too much? It is, isn't it? At least I'm not going crazy or taking it out on some poor, unfortunate person who happened to misdial (eh-hem, Ricky!).

While the holidays come to a close and things start to slow-down, the one thing that doesn't are the amount of pregnant people and babies around us. Holy cow. There was this season in my life where everyone seemed to be getting married, but last year I turned that corner and have been firmly rooted in a season where everyone seems to either be pregnant or just had a baby. There was a time when I knew 12 people in my immediate circle who were pregnant. And I don't hang out with that many people!

I'm down to 3 pregnant friends, right now, but they are 3 of my closest friends, so it still feels like the world is pregnant. Next month will mark the third baby shower I have thrown in a little over a year. I am damn-near a pro at it by now. I could probably make a career out of it. I think it will be my back-up plan. I'll be a professional Baby Shower Event Planner. My business card will be a baby bootie and my office will have storks everywhere. I can make my own sassy onesies that sell for $30. You will all think I'm nuts, but don't you worry about me. I'll be in high demand like a single, white nanny in Manhattan or Beverly Hills.

In all seriousness, with everyone around us having babies, it's slightly more difficult to be 30, married for almost 4 years and not have children of our own. We have Luke and when he's visiting people don't ask me about it as much, but as soon as he gets back on that plane the questions flow. "Question" is a generous term; "inquisition" is more like it: Do you have children? No? Why not? How long have you been married? You're 30? What are you waiting for? You should have children before you're 30, to reduce your risk of breast cancer. You do know that the longer you wait, the harder it is to get pregnant, right? Have you tried getting an ovulation test? What positions are you using?

I have heard it all. My mother LOVES to talk to EVERYONE about it. If you run into her, I'm sure she'll bring it up. She told everyone at a Christmas Party earlier this month that Justin and I should head home to make her grandbabies. TRUE STORY. I wouldn't make that up.

To satisfy your curiosity: yes, we want to have children. It just hasn't happened for us, yet.


apparently HGTV knows me better than I do...

Merry merry. Life is crazy right now, but at least my style hasn't changed.

We're right on top of Christmas, again and 'tis the season to drop off the face of the Earth. I think about blogging stuff all the time, but if I have to decided between clean underwear and deadlines that get met - I choose not to blog.

Every year when Christmas rolls around, I put on this huge bravado to keep my focus on the birth of our Lord, but what exactly does this holiday do to protect that event? Other than carols or manger scenes the Christ in Christmas seems hard to find. I would like to know where Christmas got out of hand. Why is it all about buying, buying and more buying? The older I get, the less I understand. I just can't seem to get the connection between what Christmas originally meant and what it has turned into.

Would I rather get yet another bath set, candle set or picture frame or would I rather that money went to someone who really needed it? OK, let's make that a less obvious answer. Would I rather have another handbag, a Tiffany necklace, a new pair of shoes or would I rather see a hungry family get a goat that will give them milk and cheese for years to come? Believe it or not, I would rather take a pass on the gifts. I feel almost gluttonous in our ongoing accumulation of stuff. And while I am grateful for the many blessings that make it possible to enjoy so much, I think about myself too much. I am praying for a selfless heart.