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for ian, my brother-in-law

Don't ask, y'all.


parenting 101

Someday we'll have a full-time kids, but right now I am totally enjoying my son, Luke. He is so adorable. We were in the car and he said, "Marla, I love everybody about you." I looked back at him and realized (for the first time) how fiercely I love him back.

We took him on his anual trip to Disneyland this past weekend and it was a blast. He looks forward to it every year, so we can't let him down. While I'm certain he has a crush on Cinderella and Mary Poppins, he won't go near them. This is in direct contrast to the bear hugs he gave every other character just last year. Oh well, we always wanted him to be a little more cautious of strangers. Trip highlight: in turtle talk, Crush spoke to Luke and said the force was strong with him. That was a pleasure for both daddy and Luke.