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Sometimes some says something so meaningful that it lasts a lifetime, even if it's the simplest notion.

I'll never forget what Van Louden said at one of our group meetings. The group was talking about "The Passion" and Van was talking about how the actor was cute.

Someone, in a cute, friendly, teasing way said, "Van thinks Jesus is cuuute!"

Her reply has been stuck in my head ever since:

"No. I think the actor who played Jesus is cute. But Jesus is not cute. Jesus is beautiful."

If you're reading this, Van - thank you. He is. It struck me and has stayed in my head for many weeks.


It's Hugh!

It's Hugh!
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I spent my entire life knowing that my mom was in love with my dad, but if Robert Redford came through the door, she might have to leave us for a day. I always thought it was funny, because I knew deep down that my mom would never actually leave.

So it is with Hugh. Justin has Angelina. I have Hugh. He has been my long-running favorite for many years. I know many of my friends thought I was nuts when I pulled pictures of Hugh out of my wallet and made up stories about how those photos were taken by me after several of our "dates." Yeah, I had issues. I was single!!!

There is still just something about Hugh. I think it has a lot to do with his stage acting background. I believe that makes for a more believable actor. And can't you just see him as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast? Oh, and the fact that he's gorgeous helps.

But never as gorgeous as Justin. :)

Visit www.jackmanslanding.com for more information and delightful photo galleries. I hope to be on that "Hugh with Fans" photo page one day.

Off the Wagon - SLIGHTLY

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Ok, so my mom bought me a Kate Spade bag. A real one, not a knock-off - which I would also be happy with. She is my new best friend. I do apologize to my human friends for relagating them to a lower status, but Kate and I spend every day together. She's my new Hugh.

I actually had a moment of guilt with Kate, because I thought of all the things I could have had mom buy for Justin and I - stuff we actually need and can both use. But then Kate stares back and me, and all is bliss, again.