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fat turkeys are we

It's that time, again. Time to gobble, gobble, gobble! This year, we'll be gobbeling at the in-laws. I'm excited, but I'll miss my local fam.

I am thankful for my family. Thankful for my loving and hilarious husband, thankful that my mom found a new walk with Christ, thankful that my dad found a new reason to fight, thankful for my beautiful sisters, thankful that we're all so supportive of each other and thankful that no matter what - we have each other.


does lack of sleep help BSG get better?

I would like to thank the lovely crew at one of seven local Starbucks locations, not only for knowing my name, but for the delightful treats that help me get my work done. Without them, I would sleep at normal hours and lose my dizzy, jittery, jumpy state of existence. Long live the all-nighters! The ANs and I have a special relationship that we have been perfecting since high school mid-terms. Thanks to my age and discovery of espresso, we have laid our dear Vivarin to rest.

In other news... Thanks to the Fracking Blog's posting of my BSG-hate, my husband wants me to admit that I now watch it with him. I am purposely NOT telling all of you non-geeks what BSG is. If you don't know - you might be better off, unless of course you WANT to add yet another season pass to your TIVOs. I begrudgingly admit that for a show that is about, as Jackson stated, "people dealing with stuff," it's not bad... Ok, it's pretty good. BUT I refuse to go back and spend countless hours trying to catch up on the past seasons... That's just WAY too geeky for moi, plus Memoirs of Geisha and In Her Shoes are coming up in our Netflix queue.

Without further ado, I get back to my dear AN.


there's only one way to get this sticker

Get yours at your local polling place TODAY!

A word of advice: When you're at your polling place, getting ready to fill-out your ballot (why do they keep changing the way we fill out ballots?) you only need to draw one line, not "complete" the arrow by filling in the entire block. It will take you much less time than it did me. Oh, and you could look at the instructions... They are pretty clear. But for those of us who skip directions - this advice will carry you far.

Oh yeah, and VOTE!