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I will birth my baby

I have been taking prenatal yoga (also known as and hour and fifteen minutes of kegals), which is supposed to be so good for me and baby. I am definitely feeling a new kind of stretch. Our instructor is encouraging and it's such a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The music, the mood, the breathing, the affirmations... It's all so peaceful and calming. So, in the midst of the patchouli haze of relaxation, why do I giggle when the instructor asks us to repeat the affirmation: "I will birth my baby."

Wait? I have a choice here? Someone else can birth my baby? Sweet.


At 1/16/2010 11:14 AM, Blogger Mikey G Left a note...

uh... if you are gonna have someone else birth your baby all you've got to do is go down to the DMV and fill out the form and pay the fifty bucks (yeah I know fifty bucks is a lot of money but it's the budget crisis). Expect a long wait.
I can't believe you didn't know about that!


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