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i don't match today

Despite my best efforts to keep my sanity, I continue to involve myself in multiple positions that keep my peace of mind just beyond reach. This morning I woke up at 8:00 AM and was late for job no. 2, because I didn't get home from job no. 3 until 9:30 last night and that meant I was out at dinner until almost 11:00 PM. I worked on job no. 1 this morning before officially getting ready. There were emails to answer, deadlines to confirm and touch-ups to be done. When 30 minutes had passed, I jumped from my chair, ran down the hall and hopped into the shower. I allowed myself the luxury of an extra 30 seconds under the showerhead just so I could gather my thoughts for the coming day’s tasks. While drying my hair, I got the sneaking suspicion that I forgot to rinse the conditioner out. It felt limp and listless. Oh well, it was too late to re-wash. I would just have to deal with flat, ugly hair.

I couldn't find a clip or anything to hold back my life-less, stringy bangs and so they got tucked behind my ear where they will fight a battle to stay in place all day long. A glance at my reflection revealed it was impossible to try and let my face go au-natural – the dark circles have started to take over eyes. Mindlessly trying to cover-up the evidence of my fatigue, I began planning today's outfit. One came to mind, so I headed out of the bathroom to search-out said articles of clothing of which I only found half of. While trying to find a matching pair of brown sandals I decided that they were either stolen or walked away on their own right out of my highly-organized closet. Then I spotted a pile of Justin's jeans and pants that were more tossed onto a shelf than folded and chose to straighten those out before continuing my fruitless search for said brown sandals. Half-dressed, I wandered out of the closet and into my bathroom, because (of course) I forgot to put deodorant on. A quick look in the mirror revealed just ONE perfectly defined eyebrow where there should have been two. Great! I forgot to finish my make-up!

While brushing some blush across my cheekbones to "finish" an already useless effort to look presentable, I was overcome with thirst. Being that I was already extremely late I decided it wouldn't hurt to grab a glass of water. On the way to the kitchen I heard the whirrrrp of a new email and went into the office instead. There, I found a way to waste 15 precious minutes. When I realized how much time has passed, I rushed out of the office, hurdled our two cats in the hall and raced back to the closet to find some sort of shirt to go with my skirt. This whole endeavor lead to an endless internal argument about whether or not spaghetti strap tank tops were appropriate in an office environment - which, of course, they are not. I could not find a sleeved shirt to match my skirt and I knew that if I had to start with another skirt the whole process would take even longer. At least all of this agonizing helped me realize that my brown sandals actually broke a few weeks ago and I threw them out. Relieved, I put on the closest sandals to my feet. With my left hand over my eyes, I grabbed the first sweater I could find and walked out of the room in search of my cell phone, glasses, handbag and keys. Once in my car, I realized that I had to pee and I actually told myself that I didn't have time for that. Who does that?

So here I am at job no. 2. My hair looks like I haven't washed it in days. My bangs have officially lost their battle to stay behind my ear. I'm still thirsty. There are about 15 unanswered emails, and counting, in job no. 1's Inbox. I’m pretty sure I left all of the house lights on. I am wearing a turquoise and cream skirt, brown spaghetti-strap tank, a blue zipper hoodie and GOLD sandals. It is 100 degrees outside and I'm wearing a hoodie! I still have to pee and I only have one eyebrow. This is not a proud moment for me.


Just call me McLovin

Seriously one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time - and NOT like Napoleon Dynamite (for those that love that movie: I STILL don't get it). It reminds me of American Graffiti meets American Pie meets Seth Rogan's funniest moments.

In other news... I have no updates.


add to today's list: drive a designer insane

I seriously almost peed my pants reading THIS posting. The only thing I think the author forgot:

No. 9: Change Everything AFTER Final Approval
After you have already approved your proof, make sure to find a way to rearrange the whole project. This will cost you more, but it will certainly shorten the life of said bloodthirsty graphic designer and it will be worth the investment. Call your designer, preferably when he or she is sleeping or on vacation, and frantically demand more changes, even after your artwork has been submitted to printers and publications. When the designer starts to mumble some non-sense about "an approval processes" - ignore them. This is a common tactic they use to lure you into their evil ways. Instead, blame your graphic designer for all of the items that he or she should have instinctively known you would change, even after you approved the final piece. When in doubt, always point the finger back to your designer. After all, they know nothing but how to contemplate taking over the world.


I can't not

Just a little heads-up, dear readers. Justin and I have applications to be volunteers with Rohi. This program is sponsored by Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore.

If all goes well, we will go with a group of volunteers to Nakuru, Kenya in February 2008. I did not choose Africa as my passion - it was chosen for me. It all started with Hotel Rwanda almost two years ago. That movie startled me and made me take a closer look at what goes on outside of our borders. In all honesty, I had not thought about what was going on in Africa since I was in high school, or possibly before that. Somehow, I let myself believe that AIDS was being taken care of and that the infection rate was not growing. The truth is so much worse that the opposite of what I thought. Not only is AIDS spreading, it's helping get rid of an entire population and generations are dying-off in unbelievable numbers. With the tragedy of genocide in places like Rwanda, comes a wake of rapidly-spreading AIDS through rape and pillaging. The same thing is happening in Darfur, right now - literally as you read this.

Aside from an economic destruction, this is also leaving behind millions of orphans. Children and adults are STARVING to death in a world of plenty. Some choose to sell themselves for food - likely getting themselves infected with HIV or AIDS. The cycle is seemingly unending. I have a book that starts out with a picture of an elderly woman in her 70s raising 11 of her grandchildren. She pleads for the author to pray for her - "Pray that I live long enough to take care of all of these children." She had lost all of her children to AIDS and was left to raise their children.

I cannot sit back, watch and do nothing. My heart breaks for this kind of devastation. I know that I am one person and one person makes a very little difference on his or her own, but I will not be idle when I can do something. I am tired of living a spoiled, privileged life where waste is more common than want. Please pray for our application process and our acceptance into the Rohi program.