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a late review

Often when Justin is away, I have a ridiculously hard time going to sleep. I use that time to catch up on a chick flick or my reading or maybe a little Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. But tonight I decided to rent P.S. I Love You from the good folks at Comcast On Demand. I heard that I would need a hankie for this flick, but I had no idea...

I am not going to give you any spoilers, if you haven't already seen it (it was in the theaters in, like, February). All I'm going to say is that if you believe in true love so deep that it transcends life, death and beyond, rent this movie. It was worth every wadded-up tissue on my bedroom floor. The soundtrack is worth a gander as well.

It's nice to see Harry Connik Jr. return to a role similar to the one I loved from Hope Floats. Yes, gentlemen, you may roll your eyes at my mention of that flick, but I don't know a girl who didn't at the very LEAST like it. Give it a go, my romantic saps. If you have already seen it - let me know your thoughts.


the last time I had a moment...

I cannot remember when it was that I had a moment of free time to think, let along blog. My life has been like this picture: trying balance between God, family, ministry, friends, work and traiing for a very long walk. But the thing is... More than just the average "I've been busy" there have been a LOT of HUGE changes that have taken place in the 31 days since I last had a chance to do a post.

Luke's annual summer visit has come and will end tomorrow. The past month has been filled with camping trips, a Yosemite trip, a visit to NV to see Justin's parents and Kung Fu Panda. We jammmed the month full of activitites, because usually it's one of the few weeks a year we get to see Luke. However, all of that is about to change...

Big news first: Luke is coming to live with us. Starting in early August, I will no longer be a part-time stepmon, but a full-fledged full-time stepmom. This is a HUGE change in all of our lives. I will try to keep you posted of all the stuff happening as I can, but for now... Pray for us.

I am confident this is a good move for all of us, but it doesn't change the amount of adjustments that will have to be made. I am more than willing to change everything for my stepson and for my husband, but it doesn't mean that it's always easy.

Sad news next: My dad's cancer has returned for a third time. This time it's a bit more complicated, but it seems like he always fights through it and comes out on top.

Bothersome news last: my work has been steadily declining and I have to make some major adjustments to get it running as well as it was in October of last year. It has been quite a challenge to work at home, work for my mom and work while Luke is at home.

It also seems like the lives of our nearest and dearest continue to take change en masse. The wave of babies continues into the wave of second children, sadly some marriages have come to an end, some dear friends' parents have become teribly ill and we harldy see anyone anymore. I have to keep up on people through Facebook and blogs. I make the ocasional call last as long as possible. It's weird. I feel like more than just our life is changing. There has been a shift and I'm starting to feel a pull to one side... This all sounds very cryptic, but it's not. I am just realizing that very few things are a constant - just Christ.