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fat turkeys are we

It's that time, again. Time to gobble, gobble, gobble! This year, we'll be gobbeling at the in-laws. I'm excited, but I'll miss my local fam.

I am thankful for my family. Thankful for my loving and hilarious husband, thankful that my mom found a new walk with Christ, thankful that my dad found a new reason to fight, thankful for my beautiful sisters, thankful that we're all so supportive of each other and thankful that no matter what - we have each other.


At 11/22/2006 6:05 AM, Blogger Jen Left a note...

I'm thankful that your turkey has a bellybutton.

And I'm thankful for you. We're going to have to catch up this weekend. Love you!

At 11/25/2006 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Left a note...

Mikey G asks... do turkey's have belly buttons? Does it taste good?


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