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It's Hugh!

It's Hugh!
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I spent my entire life knowing that my mom was in love with my dad, but if Robert Redford came through the door, she might have to leave us for a day. I always thought it was funny, because I knew deep down that my mom would never actually leave.

So it is with Hugh. Justin has Angelina. I have Hugh. He has been my long-running favorite for many years. I know many of my friends thought I was nuts when I pulled pictures of Hugh out of my wallet and made up stories about how those photos were taken by me after several of our "dates." Yeah, I had issues. I was single!!!

There is still just something about Hugh. I think it has a lot to do with his stage acting background. I believe that makes for a more believable actor. And can't you just see him as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast? Oh, and the fact that he's gorgeous helps.

But never as gorgeous as Justin. :)

Visit www.jackmanslanding.com for more information and delightful photo galleries. I hope to be on that "Hugh with Fans" photo page one day.


At 10/07/2004 10:59 PM, Blogger Franc-ess Left a note...

"i love hugh jackman." "i love you, too, marla." ha! that never gets old for someone as lame as me! :-)


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