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i want it that way

So, it's Sunday and I'm working. I tried to rest, but I have so much to get done. I have been goofing off in Photoshop a bit and came-up with this photo of me. I think it's interesting and creepy. If I ever decide to become a singer and produce an album, I think I'll include this in the liner notes. Next on my list of things to do: must learn to carry a tune so that I can become a singer with an album containing narcissistic liner notes.

Anyway, other than being all about MySpace these days, I came across these Chinese students singing and it made me smile. Thanks for sharing, Darlene. Enjoy, blogdom. Sleep well.


At 11/19/2005 10:31 AM, Blogger Darlene Left a note...

You look like a (hows a nice way to put this?)...doll. A ventriloquists doll. It's cute and very interesting.


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