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Allegies Schmallergies

Ok, so I always thought that you would know about allergies you have to certain foods pretty much from birth. Apparently not. I mean, I knew my oldest sister, Jacqui, has a bad reaction to shellfish and this girl I work with, Tisa, who is highly allergic to peanuts. (Tisa's lips swell and react if you just put a tiny bit of peanut butter on her lip.) So, I thought - well, you just know and you avoid those foods. I have pranced throuhg life, seemingly unaware that I am allergic to some kind of Chinese Mustard mixed with something. Some clients of our took us to Roy's in Carmel - where the food is amazing - and I ended-up with swollen, blistered gums, lips and inner lips that were burning from the mustard. Now, I have to look into this concoction, so I can avoid it in the future. Luckily, it's not severe - nothing an antihistamine and some water didn't clear-up. My lips are still tingly, though. This is probably merely noteworthy for my own information and not really interesting to you. Just beware that you can suddenly have an allergic reaction to something you did not expect. I just always thought it would be an allergy to a kind of person.

Oh, and an even more disappointing side-note: I apparently cannot handle cappuccinos anymore. Blasphemy!


At 6/30/2005 5:32 AM, Blogger Jen Left a note...

SMOOCHES! Oh, wait, save that 'til you're healed.

I like to think of them as Late-Breaking Allergies. Apparently, I'm allergic to penicillin now, which is inconvenient. I also went to the allergist to shut my husband up, and it turns out dust mites (well, their corpses and poop, anyway) wreak havoc on my system. All this time I thought my body just fell asleep faster if I laid on my tummy. Nope, I was inadvertently causing an allergic reaction to the gazillion dust mite turds in our mattress. Lovely.

At 6/30/2005 9:12 AM, Blogger Marla Bean Left a note...

Ew! That is totally disgusting. I prefer to assume that dust mite don't DARE enter my realm. I know that's BS, but that's what I'm telling myself so that I can sleep at night.


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